Warcraft Millionaire Review – How to Get Millionaire in World of Warcraft

Understanding the basics of the in-game economy of World of Warcraft is as important as reaching level 80 the fastest way. Gold drives the economy in World of Warcraft and all the players want to know how to amass big amounts of gold. A person by the name of Brad Johnson, who is known in the WoW gaming community to have earned a million WoW gold, decided to cater to the need of these players by creating a guide that reveals his secret gold strategies. He suitably labeled his gold-making guide Warcraft Millionaire.

The normal modes of accumulating gold are always alike such as use the Auction House, do the daily quests, grind for random items, and utilize professions for a player to earn 200 gold an hour. The said strategies though are not enough for the creator of Warcraft Millionaire and thus he continued to look for more efficient modes in obtaining gold. Warcraft Millionaire assures its users that what they will get from this guide is not just an enumeration of things that should be done in obtaining gold. It is an exhaustive and in-depth guide that starts from the basic steps and concepts.

Warcraft Millionaire is distinct from other WoW gold guides for various reasons. First, it is not a reworked gold-making guide that might still contain old tips and strategies. Second, it does not falsely guarantees an instant million gold but a guide on how to obtain lots of gold effectively. Third, it is not about farming primarily or doing dailies or playing the game 8 hours a day. Finally, this gold guide does not suggests banned tactics such as bots, exploits, hacks, and cheats.

Warcraft Millionaire is a package of guides that includes “Warcraft Millionaire” 1-60 Blueprint, which is a step by step guide on the best gold spots in Azeroth. It as well have tips that suggests what to acquire and the speed you should be leveling to attain the upper levels. The free tools that are packaged with the guide enable players to achieve swift and easy research without doing unnecessary moves such as trial and error grinding and unnecessary bind on pickup items. With the use of Warcraft Millionaire, you will be directed on the spots you need to go, who to talk to, the professions that would earn you huge amounts of gold, and generate 15-20 gold an hour even at lower levels.

Another is “Warcraft Millionaire” 60-70 Blueprint which is a  Buy wow gold step-by-step guide to effectively play the Outlands. There are tips here where to farm, what to farm on, and what hot items are selling rapidly in the Auction Houses. Techniques on how to obtain gold are different in the Outlands and this guide gives comprehensive and thorough techniques that are applicable in this stage of the game. Furthermore, this guide brings forward characteristic reputation additional to the game which guarantees to help you get lots of gold.

Then there is “Warcraft Millionaire” 70-80 Blueprint which is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively play in the Northrend. It contains simplified and excellent techniques in gold making specifically tailored to be used in Northrend.

Warcraft Millionaire will further show you the basics of the game, ways to dominate the Auction House, how to be effective on the daily quests, and offers it members exclusive accounts, upgrades and support.


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