New Idea Or Invention? Where Should You Start?

Are you ready to make your New Idea a reality, or do you have a concept that will improve an existing product? Are you tired of watching other people produce and sell product ideas that you have had? This article will begin to give you clear direction on how to move your idea successfully into the marketplace How to start an invention idea?.

Unlike large companies who have marketing, manufacturing, and engineering teams to develop products, individual inventors and small businesses often need support and direction to help develop their inventions in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.

I’m an experienced Product Design Engineer who takes pride in working with small businesses and individuals making their ideas realities. I have ideas and patents of my own and understand the challenges that individuals face to get their product ideas developed. How to start an invention idea?

The point to be made is that an invention requires more than a patent lawyer and a marketing group. An invention is the result of a process. All parts of the design cycle are important, so the first thing I do with inventors is go over the Product Development Cycle to determine exactly where they need to begin. This varies depending on whether they already have a patent, a prototype, etc.

So before giving up on your invention or paying someone $1000’s for a patent, learn about product development, product engineers, and the product development cycle. It will save you time and money, and best of all it will quickly launch your invention towards success!



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